"The perfect follow up to Rick Warren's book A Purpose Driven Life" - Kevin Loomis
By reaching out to Jesus (through faith) will we satisfy the most essential need each of us have - Purpose!

"Its not the size of our faith that matters... but the focus of our faith!"

Increase Your Faith & Expectancy In Jesus!

Grow In Your Faith &
Change The World...

Epic Faith is about putting our beliefs into practice and becoming the people God has called us to be. 

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Amazing Testimonies About How Our Supernatural God is Still active today!
Put your beliefs into practice! Become the person God has called you to be. This book is an invitation to an adventure and a deeper and more real relationship with Jesus.

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What People Are Saying About "Epic Faith" On..
Putting Epic Faith Into Practice!
The most impacting books I have ever read!
 “Epic Faith” reminds us that with God, nothing is impossible! Marty’s transparency and vivid detail had me hanging on every word."
Epic failures as well as triumphs!
“Marty has written a gripping, thrilling and refreshing account of what a life of faith looks like when it is fully surrendered to Jesus.”
What You'll Discover
From This Amazing Book:
  • How do you hear God's voice?
  • ​What does it mean to Fear God?
  • ​How do you pray with faith based on God's character?
  • ​How do you have a real, intimate relationship with Jesus?
  • ​What is Faith?
"It is not the size of our faith but the focus of our faith that makes the difference."
"I am inviting you into my story...
...An extremely personal narrative, in raw emotion, of my quest to discover God and unabashedly follow him. 

Through this process, God has taught me to lift my eyes above my circumstances in order to see him through every event. I have enjoyed seasons of pure joy and have tasted the bitterness of suffering. 

The following chapters relay my journey, through which God has schooled me in the subject of epic faith. I share my story in hopes that it will inspire you to attain a faith firmly focused on God.
"I wondered at the title, Epic Faith...
To me, the word Epic means... 
- Extraordinary, 
- Exceptional, 
- and Rare...
... I doubted that any Christian book about faith, other than the Bible, would meet my understanding. 

However, after the first few pages I couldn’t put the book down. I was drawn in by the honesty, humility, and true-to-life qualities of this autobiography. Once you begin this book, you will finish it. It has an “EPIC” story to tell!
- Donald, Verified buyer
This Book Sells For $14.95 On Amazon...
And Here's What People Are Saying:
"I would like to commend Marty Meyer..." 
Darlene Cunningham
Co-Founder, Youth With A Mission International
Epic Faith is a very personal and practical book, filled with wonderful stories of God proving His faithfulness to us when we step out in obedience to Him.
"Truly remarkable book..." 
Joy Dawson
International Bible Teacher & Author
If you yearn for a deeper understanding of God’s character and His ways, then “Epic Faith” will certainly help to get you there.
Warning: This book is not for Wimps! I give it my highest recommendation.
"Can’t-put-it-down exciting..." 
Dean Sherman
Author & International Bible Teacher
The word ‘faith’ often refers to ones religion or system of beliefs. For my friend Marty Meyer it is a Bible based, experienced life journey. This personal, unique story is can’t-put-it-down exciting because it is a proven faith of lived-out reality where God is often the only possible explanation.
"Motivates the reader to say, “Yes” to God..." 
Bishop Bill Atwood
Dean of International Affairs, The Anglican Church in North America
Marty Meyer has written a remarkable book. As you read it you discover that it is like sitting on a porch with a friend recounting poignant lessons he has learned. In a graceful, winsome way, he conveys deep truths of the Kingdom of God that motivates the reader to say, “Yes” to God for whatever next step He is calling for in their life.
"One of the most impacting books I have ever read..." 
Wick Nease
Founder and Director, Streams of Mercy
Epic Faith is one of the most impacting books I have ever read. This book wrecked my heart again and again as tears streamed down my face. If you are a young Christian, Epic Faith will put a fire in your heart, build great faith, and give you a desire to live for God. If you have served God for many years and have become weary, Epic Faith will deeply impact you, calling you into new intimacy and bringing renewed life in Christ.
"a fast-moving epic tale of a supernatural God..." 
Danny Lehman
International Dean, College of Christian Ministries, University of the Nations
“Epic Faith” is a fast-moving epic tale of a supernatural God working through natural people. It was an exciting read for me because I know them personally but I trust it will also be meaningful even if you don’t. Just know that as you read the following pages your faith will be stirred as you not only focus on the story but also apply these principles to your own journey. Happy reading.
Epic Faith
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